Briah Gober

Born and raised in Chattanooga TN, is a self taught artist working in a wide range of dynamic media, styles and themes. Having earned her associate of science degree at Chattanooga State and currently studying marketing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Gober has developed her craft since childhood, creating works on canvas as well as everyday objects that she transforms into works of art. Through her travels in the states and abroad, Gober has built a powerful experience of artistic collaboration while learning to observe and sense others to create art experiences in which can expand and evolve.

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La-Tesia Poole

From Chattanooga, TN, is a dynamic multidisciplinary artist working in poetry, visual art, performance, and community engagement. Beginning her career as a poet by writing and sharing the universal pain of heartbreak, Poole evolved as an artist, captivating the Chattanooga scene with her works and voice. As a visual artist, Poole draws from the illustrations and inspirations that she's always explored to create poetic and energetic works speaking to identity, personal regality, and culture.

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Dannita Noble

Self-taught Visual Artist and Creative from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Acrylic Painting on canvas is her forte, but she will paint on just about anything. She finds peace through therapeutic painting in the works that she creates and enjoys sharing her creative gift for others to enjoy. 

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 Andrew Travis

Born and raised in Paris, TN, Andrew is a self-taught artist that found his way into visual art after a Spirited Art class provided by the University of Tennessee Chattanooga during finals week. After the class, Andrew decided to further his path down visual arts and continued to expand his creativity thru photography as well as music and poetry. Through finding faces and other figures in the paint, Andrew has developed a unique style of expressing his faces and artistic expression through the use of different medias. With this expression, Andrew hopes to take his audience on an introspective journey when viewing his art.

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