Our Mission

There are studies that suggest that the "black dollar" only circulates within the black community for a meager 6 hours. Whereas, in the white community money circulates for 17 days, 20 days in the Jewish community, and 30 days within the Asian community.

3Bridges Apparel helps boost the amount of time money stays within our own community by distributing the proceeds from each sale to our LOCAL artist/business partners. This allows us to create an economic ecosystem that perpetuates and bolsters support of black artistry and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to elevate the African American community through 3 avenues;

Art: where we re-imagine the canvases of LOCAL artists,

Business: where we provide a free outlet for LOCAL businesses to promote their brands and

Empowerment: by creating designs that speak to positive figures, monuments and/or events within the LOCAL community and black culture as a whole.

These avenues, our BRIDGES, create economic opportunities for those lacking the income or family backing they need to fulfill their goals as an artist and/or entrepreneur.

3Bridges Apparel has a direct and positive impact on the black community …..and Chattanooga is only the beginning!